The 9M113 Konkurs (NATO Codename: AT-5 Spandrel) is a soviet anti-tank missile.This is a remote-controlled . 9M113 Konkurs. long-range anti-tank weapon, with a strong resemblance to the previous AT-4 Spigot.Also, it has a direct equivalence with the missile HOT, 'elder brother' of MILAN missile.. The system is designed to engage moving and stationary armoured targets provided with explosive ... The Konkurs/Spandrel is a wire-guided anti-tank guided missile and is comparable to the BGM-71 TOW, 9M133 Kornet, and the 9M14 Malyutka. The Konkurs actually has the same penetration value as the Malyutka (which is lower than the TOW and Kornet), but travels directly straight when fired and travels at a faster velocity. Konkursi za supportere su OTVORENI! Da biste postali supporter na našem serveru potrebno je imati minimum 100h igre. Vođe Supporter Team-a su : Vladimir & Vexy & Soca Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Infrastructure. Shqip; English; Srpski; Contact; Ministry. Minister; Deputy Minister's; Minister's Cabinet Konkurs.ro nu isi asuma responsabilitatea pentru eventualele diferente intre informatiile de pe site si cele de pe paginile de concurs ale site-urilor organizatoare. Konkurs.ro, la fel ca marea majoritate a site-urilor de pe internet, foloseste cookie -uri pentru a-ti oferi diferite facilitati. . Konkurs „Ja sam ODVAŽNA' Krug aplikanata: mikro preduzeća, zadruge, preduzetnik/ca i udruženja građana. Iznos granta: 5.000 - 7.000 evra. Rok za predaju dokumentacije: 30-09-2020. Konkurs by Lifelover, released 26 November 2010 1. Shallow 2. Mental Central Dialog 3. Brand 4. Cancertid 5. Konvulsion 6. Twitch 7. Narcotic Devotion 8. Alltid - Aldrig 9. Stängt P.G.A Semester 10. Original 11. Bitter Reflektion 12. Mitt Annexia 13. Spiken I Kistan 14. En Tyst Minut The paragon of Narcotic Metal This re-issue of Lifelover's third album, "Konkurs", is the band ... The Konkurs’ HEAT warhead had superb penetration nearly twice that of rival tube launched ATGM’s in the 1970s. By the time the improved Konkurs-M was introduced it was an even more potent ATGM with a tandeam HEAT warhead that could dispatch any tank. Even third-generation MBTs, when bereft of a well-trained crew and either protective ... Mere end 10 års erfaring med med salg fra konkursboer, dødsboer og andre aktiver på netauktion. På konkurser.dk findes der løbende auktioner over IT-udstyr, biler, varelagre, driftsinventar, maskiner samt meget andet. MOJ KONKURS d.o.o. Resavska 31, 11000 Beograd-Vračar, Srbija PIB: 111872909 Tel: 069 515 22 05 [email protected] Uslovi poslovanja MOJ Konkurs koristi kolačiće kako bismo osigurali bolje korisničko iskustvo, funkcionalnosti i prikaz sistema oglašavanja koje bez kolačića ne bismo mogli da pružimo.

Polskie memy: oryginalne, autorskie, po polsku.

2019.04.09 07:53 abakus10 Polskie memy: oryginalne, autorskie, po polsku.

Polskie memy: oryginalne, autorskie, po polsku.

2019.03.12 17:45 elefelen Kosmiczna Flota

Miejsce dla widzów Elka na X-Tremalnie słabe memy & other stuff.

2008.07.08 21:19 Denmark

The official subreddit of Denmark

2020.09.20 10:04 ichbinnotspeakgerman APAKŠREDITA IKONAS KONKURS!!!!!! LŪDZAM IESŪTĪT PRIEKŠLIKUMUS!!!!

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2020.09.19 18:29 mycketforvirrad Mitt I Stockholm: Krisen slår hårt mot taxibolagen – många går i konkurs.

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2020.09.19 17:00 newsdk Storsvindlers nye firma går konkurs

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2020.09.19 12:38 hassandokht Top 10 online entrance examination classes Introduction, comparison and price (1400 entrance examination update)

Introduction, comparison and price of the top 10 online entrance exam classes for the 1400 entrance exam
Every day, more and more students are moving to online entrance exam classes. But really, what is the reason for so much acceptance of online classrooms by institutions, professors and students? Are Internet classes useful? Are the returns of these classes like the game of face-to-face classes? Wouldn't it be better for students to be in the classroom directly and learn face to face with the teacher? Of course, sometimes there are criticisms like this, why are all the good facilities for Tehranians? Why should other cities be unaware of the education of Tehranians? Can't the teachers of good schools and colleges in Tehran go to other cities? Let us answer these questions one by one in the rest of this article

In the online entrance exam school, you will be present in the virtual classroom, you will talk live with the teacher, the assignments and exams will be followed seriously, and you can access the class from anywhere in the world.

As an educational activist and entrance exam counselor, I witnessed online classes before 1997. Prior to this year, most educational packages were made available to students in the form of videotapes or DVDs, and were not very successful.

In the academic year leading up to the 98th entrance exam, the acceptance of absentee classes increased significantly. So that in face-to-face and in-person counseling, a number of kids kept asking me if a certain teacher was good in the classroom? Is Tom Land better or Clasino? Isn't it better to go online instead of face-to-face class? And…

But the Corona crisis, which before the 99th entrance exam, was a unique opportunity for the 99th entrance exam classes! People who were unfamiliar with the online class or did not even agree at all with online education; They had to use and enjoy it. Corona questioned the old rule, and many individuals and teachers were forced to change course.

Given the interest, familiarity and use of the young and up-to-date generation, as well as increasing the penetration of the Internet in life, the popularity of online classes for children will certainly increase in the coming years.

Dr. Moinuddin, part of the article "Corona Crisis and Opportunity Building in Online Education"
To answer the many questions that have been asked, we must accept the fact that students are becoming more and more interested in online classes. But what are the advantages of online classes over face-to-face classes? In the following article, we will discuss the benefits of online classes:

Advantages of online entrance exam classes:
1- Access from all over the world
Online class caused educational justice to be observed in the true sense of the word. In previous years, the best teachers and the best educational services were present in Tehran, but now, thanks to the Internet, students in disadvantaged areas have the least facilities with a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. They can use the online classes of the best entrance exam professors. All students anywhere in Iran can attend the class with internet access. It does not matter if, for example, the best professor of mathematics in Iran comes to your city and holds a conference or a class or not! Wherever you are in Iran, your distance from the right class is just one click.

You can not fall behind the class schedule while traveling and the online world has all kinds of air for you! Wherever you travel, just take your mobile phone or laptop with you.

2- Lower cost:
One of the main advantages of online classes is that they cost less than face-to-face classes. Certainly not every choice is cost effective, but we are talking about institutions and professors who are the brands of Tehran and the best professors in their city. The cost of attending the classes of one of the professors of the Tehran brand for a private meeting is definitely very, very high. In some cases, a meeting costs one million tomans or two million tomans. If you can choose online classes, you can pay much more for this. Of course, I emphasize again that the professors you choose must be well-known professors and brands.

From another point of view, it is not more economical for entrance exam schools to hold online classes. Firstly, they pay for the event and space and space. Secondly, the school has no restrictions on enrollment and can hold a 100-person class with much lower tuition instead of a 20-person high-tuition class.

3- Save travel time:
Time is of the essence for a college student. Aside from the cost savings of a Minecraft student, it is one of the greatest benefits of online classes. When you used to work hard, the daily traffic to other classes and face-to-face schools was reduced to zero. Your parents are no longer supposed to take you to class and school. With online classes, you can add to your entrance exam time.

4- Comfort and peace of mind
It doesn't matter what you wear to class or your hair is messy or your face is not watery. It does not matter anymore because in online classes, comfort and conditions are completely in the student's interest.

5- Ability to review and repeat the class
Students who use online or offline classes can always review the classes and learn the lessons several times, each time more accurately, as if the tutor were at home and you have the opportunity to repeat the lessons. This is difficult to do in face-to-face classes

6- Relaxation while learning
The main concern of students and teachers in face-to-face classes is that people with the same level of knowledge are not present
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2020.09.18 21:18 FinTimez Конкурс от Pexels: Dark and Moody

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2020.09.18 20:48 Gold_Web Победитель «Лидеров России» стала советником главы Минздрава

Победитель конкурса «Лидеры России» Олеся Старжинская стала советником главы Минздрава.
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2020.09.17 17:04 Schesus Tror ni att norweigan går i konkurs?

Hur stor tror ni risken att norweigan går i konkurs är?
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2020.09.16 22:58 BelarusFire Республиканский конкурс профмастерства WorldSkills Belarus - 2020

Наталья Шевченко-Савлакова, менеджер по развитию движения WorldSkills в Беларуси: "В программе конкурса - соревнования по 47 ...
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2020.09.16 19:05 vp2013 On September 2020, an friendly fire occurred at one of the training grounds of the Russian Army in the Astrakhan region during an exercise. BMP-2 IFV fired the Konkurs ATGM at a T-90A tank. No information about the injured.

On September 2020, an friendly fire occurred at one of the training grounds of the Russian Army in the Astrakhan region during an exercise. BMP-2 IFV fired the Konkurs ATGM at a T-90A tank. No information about the injured. submitted by vp2013 to DestroyedTanks [link] [comments]

2020.09.16 17:38 Infantery Friendly fire - Russian BMP-2 IFV fired the Konkurs ATGM at T-90A tank

Friendly fire - Russian BMP-2 IFV fired the Konkurs ATGM at T-90A tank submitted by Infantery to TankPorn [link] [comments]

2020.09.16 14:48 N-S-W-2 Polski Związek Łowiecki organizuje konkurs literacki.

Polski Związek Łowiecki organizuje konkurs literacki. submitted by N-S-W-2 to u/N-S-W-2 [link] [comments]

2020.09.16 03:58 BelarusFire Сегодня торжественно начался 4-й Республиканский конкурс профессионального мастерства ...

Сегодня торжественно начался 4-й Республиканский конкурс профессионального мастерства World Skills Belarus - 2020. Церемония прошла в ...
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2020.09.15 17:48 Gold_Web Началась вторая смена полуфиналов всероссийского конкурса «Большая перемена»

Во вторник, 15 сентября, началась вторая смена полуфиналов всероссийского конкурса «Большая перемена» — проекта президентской платформы «Россия — страна возможностей».
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2020.09.15 10:43 StorFedPi BJ Trading er konkurs igen, hvis i skulle være i tvivl

I må finde andre steder at bytte jeres blowjobs igen...
Jeg har selvfølgelig reklamationsvarer der er blevet bedt sendt ind dagen før konkursdekret, så det er jo dejligt :) Så ligger de nok i limbo.
Det ser ud til at man stadig kan købe på deres side, men om det stopper ved betaling tør jeg ikke at sige, og gider ikke at teste.
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2020.09.15 04:46 Yahoo827373 Dyreinternat på randen af konkurs - det vælter ind med katte

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2020.09.14 22:48 Gold_Web Команды из Оренбургской области вышли в финал конкурса «Учитель будущего»

Две команды из Оренбургской области попали в финал конкурса «Учитель будущего», который является частью проекта президентской платформы «Россия — страна возможностей».
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2020.09.14 19:57 IfLifeGaveMeTriangle Cryptotech, aka Norsk cryptosvindler bedrift, slått konkurs

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2020.09.14 18:01 PolskiBoi1987 National contest of ideas for the concept of possible use of the Mausoleum building, Lenin's Mausoleum in Red Square is going to be replaced with something else.

The Union of Architects of Russia has announced a competition to re-use Lenin's Mausoleum.

"We have started accepting applications for a Nationwide contest of ideas for the concept of possible use of the Lenin Mausoleum building on red square in Moscow. The creative competition received the status of a special project within the framework of the Zodchestvo festival, which this year will be held from November 11 to 13 in the Gostiny Dvor VC under the motto "Eternity". The registration deadline is October 19.
The contest was organized by the Union of architects of Russia, co-organizer: Union of Moscow architects.
Registration of participants is held until October 19.
The contest results will be announced on November 13, 2020.

Certified architects and design teams, students, artists, designers, as well as citizens of Russia and CIS countries who agree to the terms of the competition and have registered as participants are invited to participate in the project.

The purpose of the special project is to continue the work of the Union of architects to preserve the national architectural heritage. Every year this topic is raised and discussed at the festival "Zodchestvo" – the largest Russian architectural event. Traditionally, within the framework of the festival, architects-curators of various directions present their mini-projects dedicated to the most relevant areas of modern architecture. Interest and attention to the topic of architectural heritage served as the basis for the proposal to create a Bank of ideas for the possible use of the building of the V. I. Mausoleum. Lenin-a masterpiece of architecture of the twentieth century, the author of which is an outstanding Soviet architect A.V. Shchusev.

For many years, there have been disputes and discussions about whether it will be possible to use this structure in the future, if the time comes to change its functional purpose. Without initiating any decisions or calling for any actions, the contest organizers suggest considering possible options that do not affect either the appearance of the mausoleum or its internal space, which is clearly decided in the style of the necropolis.

The architectural ensemble of red square has a special urban planning status that cannot be changed or reformatted.

Participants of the competition are only invited to develop a sketch of the project of possible use of the Lenin Mausoleum in the future-without the function of a tomb-as a Museum dedicated to its design and construction in the 30s of the XX century.
The project should fully disclose the author's idea and clearly Express the main idea of the concept. Since the competition is essentially a competition of conceptual ideas, we suggest that participants download images and plans of the Mausoleum from open sources on the Internet. Additional information can be obtained from the book of S. O. Khan-Magomedov by clicking on the link.

The competition jury:
The works submitted for the competition are evaluated by a jury, which includes representatives of cultural institutions, the architectural community, writers, cultural experts, and film Directors.
The jury will meet on November 12, 2020.

The organizer has the right to conduct a preliminary examination of projects submitted to the competition in order to prepare an analytical report for the jury and select works for display at the exhibition as part of the special project "Mausoleum" at the international architectural festival "Zodchestvo" from November 11 to 13, 2020 in Gostiny Dvor (Moscow).

Criteria for evaluating competitive projects:
Public significance of preserving the Mausoleum building as a monument of architectural heritage.
Preservation of the authenticity of the Mausoleum, excluding significant additions to the monument that distort or change its appearance.
Preserving the authenticity of the red square ensemble.
Respect and respect for the history of Russia.
The boldness and novelty of the proposed solution.
Expressiveness of the graphic presentation.


The winners of the competition will receive diplomas from the Union of architects of Russia and will participate in a special issue Of the YouTube channel Orepagsh.

Projects that have received awards and special awards will be published in the media, acting as information partners of the competition.


Registration of participants is held until October 19, 2020 by filling out the registration form at the link. The file with the contest work must be sent to the email address by 23: 59 on October 25, 2020.

Projects made manually are accepted until 20: 00 on November 01, 2020 at the address: Moscow, Granatny lane, 9, of. 49.

For more information about the terms of participation and evaluation criteria, see the Regulations."
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2020.09.14 15:48 Gold_Web Американская НКО намерена поддержать информационные и гражданские инициативы в Белоруссии

Американская НКО Freedom House (FH), финансируемая правительством США, объявила конкурс на «поддержку гражданских инициатив и информационных кампаний, направленных на решение проблемных вопросов в Белоруссии на локальном и национальном уровнях».
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2020.09.14 11:48 Gold_Web В Приморье рассказали о конкурсе молодых специалистов

В Приморском крае прокомментировали ход конкурса молодых специалистов, приём заявок продлён до 20 сентября.
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2020.09.13 13:20 grumpy-techie The all-Russian competition for the "re-use" of the Lenin Mausoleum was announced by the Union of Architects of Russia

The all-Russian competition for the
Purpose of competition: "The location of the Leader of the great October Socialist Revolution, V. I. Lenin, in the Mausoleum on red square in Moscow, in the heart of a country that has realized the historical mistakes of the past, contradicts modern ideas about fixing "eternal memory" and is a violation of the Russian Orthodox tradition, as well as the will of the Leader himself."
After a wave of public attention to the contest began to rise, the initiators cowardly removed it from their site. After a period of hesitation, the link was restored again.
The mausoleum is the final resting place of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the USSR, a victorious country in WWII. Lenin's mausoleum is a Holy place for millions of people in Russia and the world.
In Russia, there is a strong rejection of the drapery of the mausoleum during Victory Parades.
Drapery of the mausoleum - absurdity and blasphemy
In the mausoleum there is always a queue of people who want to worship the great man, under whose leadership social conquests were achieved in Russia and the world. Any attempt to change the status of the mausoleum and burial site will lead to protests, division in Russian society and international condemnation.
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2020.09.11 21:01 newsdk Historisk kro får redningsplanke efter turbulent periode med konkurs

Historisk kro får redningsplanke efter turbulent periode med konkurs submitted by newsdk to newsdk [link] [comments]

WIELKI POTTEROWY KONKURS  Harry Potter  Strefa Czytacza ... Konkurs  celý film  Česká filmová klasika - YouTube Konkurs ! Konkurs 3000 SUBSKRYBENTÓW - Konkurs - YouTube KONKURS Konkurs Konkurs - YouTube Konkurs konkurs

9M113 Konkurs Military Wiki Fandom

  1. WIELKI POTTEROWY KONKURS Harry Potter Strefa Czytacza ...
  2. Konkurs celý film Česká filmová klasika - YouTube
  3. Konkurs !
  4. Konkurs
  5. 3000 SUBSKRYBENTÓW - Konkurs - YouTube
  7. Konkurs
  8. Konkurs - YouTube
  9. Konkurs
  10. konkurs

W dzisiejszym odcinku Kaczmar i Maggot zapragną się odwdzięczyć widzom za doprowadzenie nas do kolejnego progu, czyli 3 tysięcy subskrybentów. Z tej okazji m... Česká filmová klasika představuje: Konkurs (1963) V roce 1963 režíroval Miloš Forman dva krátké filmy s hudební tematikou, které byly uváděny v kinech pod ná... SUBSKRYBUJ KANAŁ https://goo.gl/4bNSkF ⬇⬇⬇ CZYTAJ WIĘCEJ ⬇⬇⬇ Zapraszamy na Wielki Potterowy Konkurs na Strefie Czytacza! Konkurs z książkami i gadżetami z ... They Were MEAN and HARSH to Him, but He Came Back to PROVE THEM WRONG! - Duration: 5:51. Top Viral Talent 77,846,731 views My best hockey cards from the NHL's Central Division Teams! - Duration: 9:39. Great Day for Hockey Cards 1,839 views. New KONKURS O 50 PSC - Duration: 0:25. BAQSIEK 149 views. 0:25. When Judges Can't Stop LAUGHING - Hilarious Auditions Compilation - Duration: 17:51. Top Viral Talent Recommended for you. Konkurs Insta:antoninachojan Snap:antoninachojan TikTok:gacha_neko3446. https://discord.gg/yaZHVs6 Jednak nie piszcie w komentarzach tylko na grupie (: Konkurs 1963 Milos Forman Talent Competition. Miloš Biković na BLIC POLIGRAFU - emisija kakvu još niste videli, jedno pitanje ga RAZOTKRILO - Duration: 11:13. Blic Recommended for you Siemanko dziś organizuje konkurs na darmową grafikę wyniki za 2 dni na odcinku! Pozdro #Jaho99 #konkurs #Lecimypo200subów!